Strategic Partnerships and Alliances Webinar Series

Today’s unprecedented crisis has strained resources, challenged revenue models, and revealed emerging needs that many organizations are not equipped to meet. At the same time, the virtual world is opening up new opportunities for collaboration that didn’t seem possible in our pre-crisis worldview. This moment calls for strategic partnerships and alliances: an unparalleled resource for increased stability, deeper impact, and more efficient structures that will meet the evolving needs of the Jewish community.

Join UpStart and La Piana Consulting, an authority on strategic partnerships, to gain the tools, knowledge, and insight into how to embark on these critical alliances. Each session may stand alone but we encourage you to join for all three webinars, which are open to the public! (Debrief sessions exclusively for UpStart Venture Network members will follow each webinar.)

Strategic partnerships and alliances will ensure that the entrepreneurial ideas, talent, and progress of the past two decades will inform the Jewish future – sign up now to join us in this game-changing work!


Webinar 1

Strategic Collaborations:
Forging Connections for Greater Impact


This will highlight the eight forms of partnerships, explore their respective challenges and benefits, and provide a common language that we can all use to discuss alliances. You’ll begin to identify possible directions that will have the most impact for your organization.

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Webinar 2

Taking Stock:
Assessing Your Organization and Potential Partners


Dive deeper as you assess you and your partner organization’s readiness for an alliance.

Understand your organization’s self-assessment (such as financial stress-testing, staff and board leadership capacity, program sustainability, etc.), and then identify and assess potential partners. We’ll discuss how to assess readiness for partnership, navigate a roadmap, and initiate conversations with funders around supporting this work.

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Webinar 3
Crafting a Successful and Impactful Partnership

Learn what it takes to negotiate an effective partnership that leads to increased impact. We’ll provide an overview of the negotiation process, change management tools, and pitfalls to avoid, as well as what you should expect around legal and financial due diligence, various implementation options, and the areas of integration — including culture.

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UpStart’s partners for this webinar series are: JPRO, Leading Edge, JCC Association, Atlanta Federation, Jewish Women’s Foundation of Chicago, ROI Community. Co-Conveners will promote the webinars and host debrief conversations on the material for members of their network: Jewish Emergent Network, Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund (San Francisco), The Technical Assistance Collaborative, Jewish Federation of Los Angeles, Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York, Jewish Funders Network, Jewish Colorado,  Natan Fund, Kenissa: Communities of Meaning Network, OLAM, and Boardified. 

Our purpose is to enable entrepreneurs to bring bold Jewish ideas to light. We help them reach Up to people in new ways that are meaningful, more inclusive, and create a brighter future for our Jewish community and the world we share.

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