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Mark Achler
UpStart Board Chair

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Goal: $1,800

As I first learned about UpStart, I was immediately drawn to their mission of supporting social entrepreneurs in the Jewish community. I had spent my career as a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, and UpStart’s focus on innovation and building a thriving Jewish community aligned perfectly with my personal and professional values.

The impact that UpStart had on the community was profound, and I knew I wanted to give my time, talent, and money to support their work. By providing resources, tools, and access to capital, UpStart empowered Jewish social entrepreneurs to build new organizations and bring their visions to life. I was inspired by the opportunity to help make a difference in the lives of these entrepreneurs and the Jewish community as a whole.

For me, giving to UpStart was also about leaving a legacy for future generations. I believed that a strong, vibrant Jewish community was essential to making the world a better place, and I wanted to ensure that my family and future generations had the same opportunities to thrive that I had been given.

As I continued to support UpStart over the years, I became increasingly grateful for the many organizations they had helped to support. I saw firsthand the impact that these organizations were having on the community, and I knew that UpStart’s work was truly making a difference.

In a world where antisemitism and insecurity are on the rise, UpStart’s mission is more important than ever. By providing a space for Jewish social entrepreneurs to innovate and build new organizations, UpStart is creating a pathway for people to turn back to their tribe for comfort and support. I believe that this is critical to ensuring the long-term sustainability and vitality of the Jewish community.

Through my personal UpStart journey, I have seen the power of intersectionality, innovation, and community. By following the values of curiosity, learning, defending the underdog, and equity and inclusion, I have found a way to make a real difference in the world. And by supporting UpStart, I am helping to create a brighter future for the Jewish community and all those who value its traditions and values.

Ultimately, my hope for UpStart is to create more meaningful relationships within the community. I aspire to a future where people aren’t just customers but active members of a community that is accountable to itself and each other. By building these deeper connections, we can create a more meaningful impact and ensure that the Jewish community continues to thrive for generations to come.

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