Mark Achler

Governance Co-Chair

Mark Achler, Governance Co-Chair, is the Managing Director of MATH Venture Partners, an early to mid-stage technology venture capital fund and an Adjunct Lecturer of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Kellogg. Mark was recently the Senior Vice President of new business, strategy and innovation at Redbox, where he managed the Company’s long-term planning and expansion into new business opportunities. Mark started his career by co-founding one of the first personal computer retail stores in the country and participated in the launch of the IBM PC. He then moved to Apple, where he was the worldwide introduction manager for the Apple //c. Upon leaving Apple, Mark co-founded and served as chief executive officer of the Whitewater Group, a company that specialized in development tools and programming languages and shipped the second application for Windows 1.0. He co-founded the video game company, Kinesoft Development, where he served as president. After leaving Kinesoft, Mark served as a founding general partner in Kettle Partners, an early-stage venture capital fund. He also helped co-found Emmi Solutions, a provider of patient education, where he first served as president and later became chief executive officer. Mark is a frequent speaker, resource and ardent champion for the entrepreneurial community; where he is a mentor for TechStars and the Chicago High Tech Academy. He thinks he has had a fun and eclectic career and his wife thinks he can’t hold a job – all a matter of perspective.