Connecting funders and grantees on GrantED


Posted 04/7/21


UpStart and Jewish Funders Network are thrilled to announce the launch of GrantED: Stronger Relationships, Greater Impact, an groundbreaking program designed to fuel and connect grantseekers and grantmakers.

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UpStart has developed GrantED in partnership with Jewish Funders Network (JFN) to level the playing field and open the lines of communication between organizations and their funders. We see this project as a critical step toward building a thriving system of ventures, organizations, and philanthropists that are creating a more equitable and sustainable Jewish future.

GrantED ( creates and curates articles, tools, and other resources to inspire and inform you, organizing around four core interdependent components of successful grantmaking partnerships: strengthening relationships, understanding and addressing power dynamics, sustaining impact, and effective communication.

GrantED also offers workshops, facilitated conversations, and other programs, such as a recent session at the JFN 2021 “Strong Bonds” conference.

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