UpStarter Spotlight: JLens Lands $5 Million Investment

Three years ago, Julie Hammerman launched JLens as a channel for Jews to apply a Jewish values lens to investing. Now JLens has landed its first major investment of $5 million from the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles in a bold new investment strategy that influences how some of the world’s most powerful companies do business.
JLens is based on the idea that Jewish values can play an active role in shaping economic decisions – both at the individual and corporate level. “It’s possible to do well financially and todo good in the world. JLens is about doing that good from a place of deep Jewish connection and in a way that can have a positive impact on the environment, Israel, and global society,” said Hammerman.
While socially responsible investing has been a core strategy for religious and socially-oriented groups, the Jewish community has been missing from that conversation. With this investment, JLens will insert a strong Jewish voice into this growing field.
“We’re a long way towards our goal, but this investment from the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles was a huge leap forward,” said Hammerman. “We hope that more investors will consider the JLens US Equity Advocacy Strategy so that Jewish values can play a larger role in the economic forces shaping our world.”
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