Bringing to light

The beauty of intentional virtual community building and creating playful learning experiences that uplift and even center the multiply marginalized.

The basics

Radha joins UpStart with a dedicated background in creating learning experiences that are inclusive, engaging, and even playful at times. Radha began their career at an LGBTQ+ health and wellness organization, where they provided LGBTQ+ equity and trauma-informed care workshops to lessen the gaps in service LGBTQ+ victims and survivors face when accessing care. From there, Radha joined a B Corp to create online learning experiences on a variety of topics related to conflict resolution. They followed the lifespan of courses, from brainstorming to delivery, while ensuring each course is accessible to a wide range of audiences.

Radha additionally supported the inaugural Fellowship for Diversity in Negotiation, Mediation, and Conflict Resolution, once again overseeing all asynchronous components, running tech in the background for live workshops, and engaging in intentional virtual community building. Radha holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and Childhood Studies. They are a lifelong learner who learns at least one new thing every day.

How Radha finds meaning and comes together with others

Engaging with story, whether through books, movies, video games, or my own brain. Coming up with new house projects and recipes with my spouse, snuggling with and growing garden greens for my rabbit, and cycling through a never-ending list of new hobbies. Learning new fun and not-so-fun facts to share with everyone around me.