Bringing to light

A potent combination of high level operations and communications to support the work of intrapreneurs and institutions in our network

The basics

Noam comes to UpStart with a passion for all things Jewish and communal. Born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey to parents both involved in lay leadership, the importance of supporting and amplifying the work of innovators was instilled in him from a young age.

Noam has an extensive background in formal and informal education, serving as the regional outreach coordinator for Camp Kesem, a non profit supporting children impacted by cancer, and developing curricula for camps and Hebrew schools. He is beyond excited to bring his human-centered approach to UX and analytics to the team.

Now living in NYC, Noam recently graduated from Columbia University and List College with dual BAs and honors in History and Jewish Women & Gender Studies, respectively.

How Noam finds meaning and comes together with others

An extrovert through and through, Noam relishes nothing more than quality time with friends both new and old, ideally over a Shabbat table full of food. When not tinkering with new recipes in the kitchen, he loves curating playlists and playing Mah Jongg.