Bringing to light

The sweet spot where process and language overlap to simplify complex topics into accessible and engaging content for a wider variety of humans.

The basics

Jesse Lee Gray is a lifelong lover of language, with over 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship and more than 20 years in communication.

She was owner/operator of a social venture for nearly 10 years, where she learned business basics from the inside out, and the upside down. She built a brand beloved by clients and a culture of communication for 20 employees.

Since selling her business in 2014, she has used her prowess for process and professional wordsmithing to help a social venture accelerator scale to over 30 countries, edit a book on how to hack conflict with neuroscience, and co-design 3 workshop-based leadership programs (healthcare, entrepreneurship, women empowerment) in Rwanda and Cambodia. She landed in Phnom Penh as Knowledge Manager at a behaviour change and innovation lab in 2017. From there she moved to Havas Riverorchid as Regional Director of the Social Business Unit to use marketing for good cause and finally found her groove freelancing internationally, doing what she does best: getting ideas out of heads and into action for business growth.

How Jesse Lee finds meaning and comes together with others

Jesse Lee loves wrestling with big questions, questing for ever-sleeker syllables, and finding the middle way, while still having an opinion. She gets sparked by discussing ideas and learning about new people, places, and customs, preferably around a table of tasty food.