Emeri S. Handler, M.S., is a parent education and mental health consultant, community volunteer, philanthropist, and life-long learner. Focusing on developmental and clinical psychology for over 30 years, Emeri works with families to create long-term, healthy relationships between parents and children. She served as a therapist for adolescents early in her career and worked as the Associate Director/Director for Education at the Anti-Defamation League in San Francisco.

Emeri is active on various boards and committees that educate and promote engagement with community and Jewish life. Her board service ranges from regional theater companies to education and mental health organizations to local and national Jewish non-profits. She is also passionate about collective grant-making and is currently involved with two different collectives, having co-founded and managed a women’s philanthropy fund that granted over $400,000 in 5 years.

In her free time, Emeri enjoys reading, traveling, cooking, baking, yoga, hiking, museums, art, learning, dancing, time with her family and friends, and endlessly throwing the ball for her Cavapoo, Charlie. Formerly living in the Bay Area, Emeri currently resides in Boulder, CO with her husband Brad (both Denver, CO natives); they are the proud parents of three young women.