Bringing to light

Change-making skills that position intrapreneurs as leaders for the future

The basics

Aleeza loves learning and all the opportunities it brings. Originally a high school math and history teacher at a Jewish day school, and a former unit head at Camp Ramah in Canada, Aleeza will always credit those times for igniting her passion for leadership development within the Jewish community.

Aleeza has been an educator, a programmer, and a consultant, identifying opportunities for growth and supporting the leadership development of thousands along the way. Prior to her time at UpStart, Aleeza served as the Director of Jewish Enrichment and Training at BBYO and was responsible for developing the organization’s overarching leadership framework.

Forever a student, Aleeza holds bachelor’s degrees in history and secondary education, a master’s degree in American studies, and a certificate in Jewish leadership.

How Aleeza finds meaning and comes together with others

Aleeza loves helping people come together, whether it’s gathering her Fantasy Football league for a Sunday afternoon of wings and games, or coaching OneTable hosts as they plan meaningful Shabbat dinners. She also loves filling people’s stomachs and usually shows up with some form of home-baked dessert.