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What truly captures my attention with UpStart is the dynamic fusion of innovation and Judaism. In my career navigating the for-profit landscape, constantly seeking avenues for impact at scale, discovering UpStart’s commitment to this within a Jewish context resonates deeply with me. It’s an intersection of my experiences and passions that sparks a profound connection. The innovative community that UpStart nurtures resonates with me significantly more than the traditional expressions of Judaism I have experienced .

Witnessing UpStart’s transformative journey from a local Bay Area entity to a nationally influential organization with expanded scale and reach has been invigorating. The prospect of impacting communities across the country, empowering so many Jewish organizations to evolve and thrive, excites me immensely.

UpStart, in my view, serves as a vital link that keeps people from “leaving the tent”, brings more people “into the tent”, and fosters a deeper connection to Judaism. Its collaborations with organizations such as Urban Adamah and Wilderness Torah broaden the offerings to the community , acknowledging that a “one size fits all” approach is ineffective, especially for younger generations seeking more personally relevant connections. For many the traditional packaged solutions fall short in inspiring growth and excitement.

UpStart supports those organizations undertaking innovative endeavors with significant impact across diverse segments of the Jewish community. Through the UpStart supported organizations, we have the means to reach individuals at every level of Jewish engagement and observance, providing them with the specific elements of community and connection they seek. I believe strongly that there is an urgency in seizing this opportunity to redefine and invigorate the Jewish experience for all.

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