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My journey to UpStart unfolded through my leadership as Mishkan’s Executive Director. Our organization participated in UpStart’s accelerator program, and I witnessed firsthand the transformative impact as UpStart shared invaluable resources with my Jewish organization, resources we might not have discovered otherwise. Today, my organization employs 17 people full-time and has a multi-million dollar annual budget. 

At the heart of UpStart’s prowess lies its dedication to design thinking and entrepreneurial skills. There’s a profound emphasis on fostering experimentation and evolution, framing every setback as an opportunity for learning and refining. In the realm of Jewish entrepreneurship, where creativity is the lifeblood, UpStart stands as the incubator for these groundbreaking ideas and organizations to thrive.

A glance at the organizations emerging from UpStart’s programs unveils many that have assumed pivotal roles in the Jewish landscape. UpStart elevates organizations, enabling them to operate at a heightened capacity, ultimately expanding their impacts to larger communities.

UpStart’s ability to tailor its support to the specific needs of diverse organizations and communities is inspiring. Having participated in the accelerator, I intimately understand the indispensable nature of UpStart’s work. By championing UpStart, we aren’t merely endorsing an organization but actively contributing to securing a flourishing future for the entire spectrum of Jewish life. 

Together, let’s forge a path to vibrant and thriving Jewish communities.

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