Like unleashing the potential energy in a tightened spring, UpSpring helps entrepreneurs accelerate the scaling of the venture’s impact.


We believe in the power and potential of entrepreneurs to create a positive impact and inspire new experiences within the Jewish community. UpSpring, UpStart’s venture accelerator, is a development program that supports those organizations in the Growth Stage ready to level Up their ideas from bold initiatives to sustainable organizations with deep impact. It offers social entrepreneurs the tools, skills, and funding they need to help their venture grow and scale.

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The 12-month Accelerator includes:

Training – A blended learning program, featuring asynchronous modules, live workshops, and in-person gatherings, plus targeted advising on your organization’s progress towards benchmark goals

Connections – Facilitated connections to our network of consultants, advisors, funders, and alumni, as well as to a cohort of inspiring and ambitious peers

Funding – Access to up to $100,000 per venture to support experimentation, growth, and scale.
Participants are encouraged to use funds for experimentation and scaling

Network – UpSpring participants join the UpStarter Network, a robust community of 140+ entrepreneurs and ventures that are solving some of our community’s biggest challenges.

Training focuses on five core areas of venture design:

  • Impact and Relationships
  • Operational and Financial Foundations
  • Communications and Fundraising
  • Team and Board
  • Growth Plan: Integrate and Launch


Grow your expertise by learning the tools to:

  • Craft a clear and purposeful mission statement
  • Tell compelling stories that paint your impact
  • Forge deeper connections with your target audience.
  • Amplify your financial acumen
  • Elevate your operational systems and practices
  • Empower your HR function, including key hires, culture, values, and benefits

Grow your community:

  • Develop a community for continuous learning
  • Foster peer connections

Unlock the path to future funding:

  • Articulate a three-year growth plan
  • Chart your financial roadmap with business growth goals and a scalable financial model
  • Develop and deepen authentic connections with funders


The Venture Accelerator is for visionaries, builders, seasoned leaders, and entrepreneurs. We are looking for bold leaders ready to scale their growth-stage organizations.

You may be a good fit for this program if:

  • you run an organization that works with a Jewish lens to respond to community needs
  • you are able to clearly articulate the impact you have on creating a thriving Jewish community
  • you can speak to your structural and financial readiness for growth
  • you lead with a growth and curiosity mindset
  • you are passionate about addressing a social problem
  • you have a clear vision for a more equitable future

UpSpring is not intended for those looking to stabilize their ventures, but rather for those looking to scale their organizations and move to the next stage of development.

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