SVIVAH’s mission is to strengthen and nourish Jewish women* by using community as a tool of empowerment. They are revolutionizing the way Jewish women* come together in community — supporting and empowering as individual changemakers in their own lives and in the the world. SVIVAH is women-designed, women-run, and women-centered, connecting Jewish women* to each other, to cross-generational wisdom, to Jewish learning and to the resources we need, all in an inclusive, diverse, women*-only space. They do this by curating Jewish communal experiences with women at the center, by producing wide-ranging programming and conversations critical to growth, and by amplifying and partnering with organizations in line with their values. SVIVAH is committed to creating communal empowerment and support for Jewish women, nourishing them as individuals throughout life journeys while making them more powerful as a collective. SVIVAH is a new model of spiritual community – an investment in a women*-centered way of relating to each other, to community, and the world.

(*SVIVAH defines “Jewish woman” as anyone wishing to be included in a circle of Jewish women.)

Ariele Mortkowitz

Founding Director

Rabbanit Aliza Sperling



Population Served
Female Identified

Year Founded

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