I run a for-profit venture. Can I still apply?


Posted 04/19/23

We care more about the impact you seek to make in the world than your tax status: 501c3, B-corporation, fiscally sponsored…all are welcome. 

Our program has traditionally been geared towards nonprofit entities. This year, we are experimenting with opening it up to for-profit entities that have social impact.

If your business model contributes to a thriving Jewish community or if you have a business model that will generate more revenue for Jewish life you should consider applying. For example:

  • You are a company that manufactures matzo, a product which alone does not create impact in Jewish life. If, however, you are a company that manufactures matzo ball soup and there is something about how you produce it, or there is something in your financial model that specifically contributes to a thriving Jewish community, we welcome you to apply! 
  • You are a publishing company that focuses on publishing underrepresented voices–you have a line that focuses on BIOPC authors, LGBTQIA authors, and you are interested in building out a line that focuses on Jewish authors. You are welcome to apply!

If you meet the above criteria and you decide to apply, please know that this program has never been offered to for-profit businesses, and as such we will look to you to be our partners in refining our content to meet your needs.