Self-Paced Learning

It’s one thing to have good ideas, and another to give them legs. In these dynamic trainings, participants develop their capacity to build successful entrepreneurial initiatives.

“The workshop provides important skills and makes you think mindfully about how to accomplish what you are striving for.”

-Barnett Brickner, Director of Shalem Center, participant in UpStart’s “Playing With Prototyping” Community Workshop

Early-Stage Entrepreneur Learning +-

For entrepreneurs with a bold Jewish idea at any stage

Taking your initiative from a bold idea to a powerful force in Jewish life can seem daunting, especially if you don’t know the basics of venture development or aren’t quite ready for an intensive cohort program. Over the last few years, UpStart has supported dozens of early-stage ventures as they test out their ideas and see what sticks. And this year, we’ve launched something entirely new – free, open access early stage learning for anyone with a bold idea who meets our early stage criteria and has. the chutzpah (gall) to give it a try.

We built these self-directed webinars, activities, and resources around the needs of the early-stage entrepreneur–they’re flexible, accessible, and provide additional resources as your venture changes and grows. And they focus on the most critical topics for early-stage ventures from developing proof of concept (a way of demonstrating that your initiative works) to financial readiness. You can move through the learning at your own pace and at any time.

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