Mayyim Hayyim


Making mikvah accessible and meaningful for the full diversity of our people


Mayyim Hayyim transfers ownership of Jewish ritual to our visitors. We host 1,500 – 1,600 immersions annually, marking a variety of life transitions. Our guests visit to prepare for Bat and Bar Mitzvah, weddings, and the transition to parenthood. They find healing after the loss of loved ones, upon deciding to leave an abusive relationship, or following miscarriage. They observe the practice of monthly immersion on their own terms, prepare for the high holidays in quiet moments of reflection, and immerse in preparation for Shabbat. Since we opened, we have trained 202 volunteer Mikveh Guides from all walks of Jewish life through our Diane & Chester Black Guide My Steps Mikveh Guide training.

The Paula Brody & Family Education Center offers 110+ programs each year, reaching 3,000 adults and children, teaching about mikveh and its relevance to 21st century Jews. We work in partnership with our organizational member to reach a large and diverse population. We have published curricula for distribution including Middle School lesson plans, a pre-wedding seminar, and a mother-daughter Bat Mitzvah program. Resources for individuals include publications such as Fertility Journeys: a Jewish Healing Guide, and Blessings for the Journey – a Jewish Healing Guide for Women with Cancer. We hold three exhibits a year in our art gallery, curated by a volunteer committee including artists and gallery owners.